Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Release: Boar, Last Rape, I Like You Go Home, White Gimp Mask, Oblive

Hugh C-60 collaboration from several harsh noise acts, including Boar and I Like You, Go Home from Dubuque Iowa, Oblive from St. Louis, Missouri, and also Last Rape and White Gimp Mask from Houston, Texas.  Each side has a solid 30 minutes of heavy, harsh noise wall action.

Pro-dubbed by National Audio Company and limited to 50 copies.  $5 plus $1 shipping, post paid when ordering 3 or more of any releases.  $8 for international postage.  PayPal can be sent to sotsrecordings (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. 

Sound Sample

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Josh Lay/Demonologists Split C30 now avaible!

Split C30 between Demonologists and Josh Lay.  Wonderful harsh noise from the heartland.  Demonologists put forth a track of intense and growing choas, with Josh Lay offering a hauntingly textured piece.  $5 plus $1 shipping, post paid when ordering 3 or more of any releases.


Josh Lay

Friday, October 29, 2010

4 New Releases

So, I got down the basics for this blogspot shit and am proud to present the latest-ish round of releases from the label.  This batch has some Sigulda action going on and features Sensible Nectar from Maryland, Friends with Corpses from Ohio, and Churner from Mississippi.

All items are $5.  Please add $1 for orders of less than 2 items.  Orders of more than 3 items are post paid.   Send PayPal payments to sotsrecordings AT yahoo DOT com.  Mailing address is listed on first page of this blog.

SOTS # 14
Sensible Nectar/Sigulda, Split C20, $5

SOTS # 15
Friend With Corpses - Abortion Palace C45, $5

SOTS # 16
Sigulda - Sickness and Health C20, $5

SOTS #17
Churner - Age of Destruction CDR, $5

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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